Willowmoor Healing Arts


Malia Luke

Licensed Massage Therapist MA00013896

Certified Pilates Instructor


Malia is dedicated to helping people enhance their well being especially in regard to injury recovery and relief from chronic pain. With her thoughtful and compassionate approach she strives to assist clients in gaining lasting comfort and function.

Malia has gained a reputation as a highly intuitive and knowledgeable treatment practitioner during her years practicing massage. Her in-depth knowledge of movement and treatment assists each client in getting the most out of their sessions. By focusing on a whole body approach, she integrates a wide variety of techniques specific to the needs of each client. During her career, Malia has seen the essential connection between intelligent bodywork and functional movement.
Malia was introduced to massage and Pilates after a major injury sustained while dancing. Throughout her sessions she was able to regain strength and function as well as alleviate her chronic pain. It was through this experience that she decided to become a massage therapist, as well as a Pilates instructor. Malia joined the staff at Balance Within Pilates Studio in 1999, and became a partner in the business three years later. After many rewarding years at the studio, Malia moved to Maui in 2006. When not at the beach, she worked at North Shore Pilates in Haiku, Hawaii. Malia established Willowmoor Healing Arts in 2009, following her return to the Seattle area.
Malia is a member of the American Massage Therapy Foundation


Megan Cooper

Licensed Massage Therapist MA60404019

Megan has always been interested in helping others. Her concept of how massage could help people changed after seeking relief from a back injury. She then started her journey to becoming a massage therapist. Megan has been practicing massage since 2013. Her passions include assisting people in managing chronic pain, recovering from injuries, and self care. Megan delivers bodywork tailored to each client’s individual needs. Megan enjoys attending continuing education classes to expand her knowledge as well as hone her skills to best help her clients.