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Welcoming Two New Practitioners!

I have some exciting news to announce! Willowmoor Healing Arts is growing! Megan Cooper, LMT and Amanda McAndrew, DPT are now a part of the clinic. I am so excited to have these wonderful women join me!


Megan is a massage therapist who has spent the last couple of years working at a physical therapy clinic as their onsite massage therapist. She is highly skilled at deep tissue massage and is able to find all those tight places with laser like skill yet get them to release without beating you up! She has also started training in Fascial Counterstrain, a technique I have been training in as well. I am excited to have a practitioner that provides a more “traditional” style of massage that is lasting and effective. Megan is in the office on Saturdays. Click HERE to schedule.


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Amanda is a physical therapist specializing in diastasis recti and chronic back pain through Functional Core Rehabilitation. One of her main interests is helping women regain core strength during and after pregnancy. Even 20+ years after giving birth there are patterns and adaptation in the body that can lead to incontinence, back pain, etc.  Her passion is educating you on how your body is designed and how to change current habits that are contributing to your symptoms. Amanda is in the office on Wednesdays. Click HERE to schedule or learn more.


Wishing everyone a summer of fun, relaxation, and possibly a little adventure!



2016 Recap

In 2016 I completed two more courses with the Counterstrain Academy. One being a 10 week course on counterstrain pertaining to the viscera and the other being an 8 week course on counterstrain pertaining to lymphatic and venous structures. 

I had the interesting opportunity to treat a partially torn achilles tendon within 24hours of the injury occurring. As you might imagine there was a significant amount of pain and swelling. I was able to use counterstrain techniques to decrease the pain from 7/10 down to a 3/10 as well as decreased swelling to mainly where the tear was located. All in one treatment. How exciting and helpful for healing! 

As 2017 begins, I look forward to taking more classes in Fascial Counterstrain as it pertains to nerves and connective tissue. 

Continuing Ed Classes in Fascial Counterstrain Pertaining to Arteries and Nerves

I started July off with a trip down to San Diego to take The Jones Institute's class on Strain Couterstrain relating to the fascia of the arterial system. Yes, the FASCIA of the arteries! Arteries are wrapped in adventitia (deep fascia)  which has the ability to contract and relax. If this deep fascia is affected by trauma, surgery, postural strain, or systemic inflammation it can become irritated. As a reaction to the irritation, it can then become chronically contracted. This can lead to muscular pain, headaches, “burning” pain, tendonitis, and the list goes on. With Counterstrain, the focus is to feed slack to the areas of spasm to allow them to return to a more functional state. 

I finished the month by going down to Portland to take The Jones Institute's class relating to fascia of the nervous system.  Same concept as arterial but with the focus on the adventicia of the nerve known as epineurium. My teacher has a great article on what it’s all about here.http://tuckeypt.com/fascial-counterstrain-for-the-nervous-system/



2015 AMTA-WA Convention

I spent this weekend at The American Massage Therapy Association Washington Chapter Convention. It was wonderful to hear presenters that have been in the profession for 30+ years. Their hard work and dedication to the field has brought massage practitioners to the point we are today as healthcare providers!

I walked away from the conference with a deeper understanding of what changes and directions the massage profession has ahead regarding insurance billing and education. Washington has been one of the few states that has provided medical insurance coverage for massage and have been a leader in advocating national recognition pertaining to benefits and necessity of massage in the medical community. That advocacy led to massage therapy being included in the Affordable Care Act. In other words, all states should have massage therapy as a covered benefit. Additionally, in 2017, the coding system used for billing will be changed to allow more accurate diagnosis coding and thus a clearer way to document sessions with clients. That news is very exciting. The challenging part, as always, will be increasing reimbursement rates. The shrinking of compensation is the reason why I ended my contracts with medical insurance companies and am hopeful that with the advent of this new coding system the insurance companies will recognize the need to reasonably pay massage practitioners for their work. On that note, I believe there are changes that need to happen on the side of massage practitioners, namely education on best billing practices as well as a deeper understanding of treatment techniques if practitioners are working in a medical setting.

 I am hopeful that medical massage practitioners will come out a stronger, smarter, and a better compensated profession because of these changes.

I am grateful to all the elders in the profession for their dedication and hard work in getting massage therapy the recognition it has today and who continue to push for even greater and higher goals. I am also grateful to all my patients as well as all the referring physicians who also recognize and support massage therapy as a rehabilitative and wellness tool. Without you, I know I would not have the knowledge I have today. Thank you! 

Week 10 Fascial Counterstrain Apprenticeship

I  completed Module 1! 

I definitely have a better understanding of the philosophy and technique. I also feel rather competent in the cranial scan, the assessment tool used to direct treatment. I still don't have all the tenderpoints and treatments memorized so I am relying on the manuals for assistance, but eventually I will have it all locked into my memory. For now I am okay with that and grateful that my clients are too!