Willowmoor Healing Arts


Fascial Counterstrain Apprenticeship

I know of no part of the body that equals the fascia as a hunting-ground. I believe that more rich golden thoughts will appear to the mind’s eye as the study of the fascia is pursued than any other division of the body.
— A.T. Sill, DO, MD

Week 1 of Tim Hodges Fascial Counterstrain Mastery Program

Oh how I love learning! This week class was filled with research and examples of what an incredible technique Fascial Counterstrain is. It is a universal approach to the treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction. 

Fascia permeates the entire body. It wraps around muscles, bones, nerves, veins, arteries, viscera, and more! What's more is this tissue has the ability to contract and with that it can maintain a state of chronic contraction thus causing pain and dysfunction. Fascial Counterstrain can break this reflex arc of contraction by assessing where in the body the restriction is occurring (which is often not where you are feeling the pain)and releasing that restriction. Okay, so lets say you grab the shoulder of your t-shirt, and start to pull it up to your ear. See all the lines of pulling that sweep down to your hip? In a way, that's how fascia works. You may be feeling hip pain, but the snag is up in your shoulder. It can also be a little strange to come in for hip pain, never have your hip touched and then walk out pain free, but that's the end goal!