Willowmoor Healing Arts


Week 6 Fascial Counterstrain Apprenticeship

As the saying goes, location is everything.

In Fascial Counterstrain knowing exactly where you are is very important. A spinus process can have 8 tender points on it correlating to 8 different treatment protocols. Eight points all on that tiny sticky-outie portion of your spine! That being said, we spent the class reviewing and palpating bony landmarks. It was fun to have  teachers around to quiz you and double check your accuracy. Thanks to many great teachers, this is a skill that I feel pretty confident in. When I was going through the Silver Series at the URSA Foundation we did a lot of palpation drills. One time we walked into class and there were about 15 boxes sitting on the tables. We had to identify what anatomical structure was in each box by feel....NO PEEKING. That really got me to think and feel structure with a clearer vision. Now I need to work on imprinting into my mind the road map of veins, nerves,  and arteries. ...I have a feeling that is the part that takes 2 years....or more!