Willowmoor Healing Arts


Week 5 Fascial Counterstrain Apprenticeship

I’m officially half way through Module 1! Today we worked on learning the cranial scan for the nervous system. Apparently this is the hardest scan to master. There are a bunch of points located all over the head correlating to different aspects and locations of the nervous system. Accuracy in your assessment is particularly important with this system because as you know, you do not want to tick off somebody’s last nerve.

I am also practicing softening my touch yet palpating deeper. It sounds confusing, but as an old teacher of mine said, think of fascia as Jello that hasn’t quite set. If you sink into it softly and slowly you’d be able to move or remove any object that was stuck in there. However, if you rush and force your way through you’ll jumble up the Jello and miss the object you were searching for. I love that I keep remembering teachings from past instructors and that they all build and expand on each other. This field is evolving and growing as am I … and for that I am grateful.