Willowmoor Healing Arts


2016 Recap

In 2016 I completed two more courses with the Counterstrain Academy. One being a 10 week course on counterstrain pertaining to the viscera and the other being an 8 week course on counterstrain pertaining to lymphatic and venous structures. 

I had the interesting opportunity to treat a partially torn achilles tendon within 24hours of the injury occurring. As you might imagine there was a significant amount of pain and swelling. I was able to use counterstrain techniques to decrease the pain from 7/10 down to a 3/10 as well as decreased swelling to mainly where the tear was located. All in one treatment. How exciting and helpful for healing! 

As 2017 begins, I look forward to taking more classes in Fascial Counterstrain as it pertains to nerves and connective tissue.