Willowmoor Healing Arts


Welcoming Two New Practitioners!

I have some exciting news to announce! Willowmoor Healing Arts is growing! Megan Cooper, LMT and Amanda McAndrew, DPT are now a part of the clinic. I am so excited to have these wonderful women join me!


Megan is a massage therapist who has spent the last couple of years working at a physical therapy clinic as their onsite massage therapist. She is highly skilled at deep tissue massage and is able to find all those tight places with laser like skill yet get them to release without beating you up! She has also started training in Fascial Counterstrain, a technique I have been training in as well. I am excited to have a practitioner that provides a more “traditional” style of massage that is lasting and effective. Megan is in the office on Saturdays. Click HERE to schedule.


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Amanda is a physical therapist specializing in diastasis recti and chronic back pain through Functional Core Rehabilitation. One of her main interests is helping women regain core strength during and after pregnancy. Even 20+ years after giving birth there are patterns and adaptation in the body that can lead to incontinence, back pain, etc.  Her passion is educating you on how your body is designed and how to change current habits that are contributing to your symptoms. Amanda is in the office on Wednesdays. Click HERE to schedule or learn more.


Wishing everyone a summer of fun, relaxation, and possibly a little adventure!