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Week 2 Fascial Counterstrain Apprenticeship

Today we rolled up our sleeves and started with palpation and treatment. Fascial Counterstrain utilizes an assessment of tender points found on the cranium to pin point dysfunction throughout the entire body. Based on the tenderness/stiffness of the pointes, you can set up a game plan as to how to best treat your client. This scan requires precision palpation skills. Lucky for us we had 3 teachers for 9 students! This ratio allowed for us students to have our palpation skills quizzed and checked by highly skilled teachers. Someday soon I hope to be in their shoes! I enjoyed the challenge of refining and deepening my skill…not to say that I don’t find it a little flustering to be put on the spot, but I know I learn really well when I am challenged and guided in that manner.

We followed that module with treatment of the cranial dura; a facial network in the cranium and spinal cord. The techniques were very gentle and relaxing yet profoundly balancing. You would find a point of extreme tenderness and stiffness in the cranial scan and within 30 seconds, have the point supple and free. How cool is that!

So, this week and for every week in the foreseeable future I will be palpating and treating these points as much as I can!