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Continuing Ed Classes in Fascial Counterstrain Pertaining to Arteries and Nerves

I started July off with a trip down to San Diego to take The Jones Institute's class on Strain Couterstrain relating to the fascia of the arterial system. Yes, the FASCIA of the arteries! Arteries are wrapped in adventitia (deep fascia)  which has the ability to contract and relax. If this deep fascia is affected by trauma, surgery, postural strain, or systemic inflammation it can become irritated. As a reaction to the irritation, it can then become chronically contracted. This can lead to muscular pain, headaches, “burning” pain, tendonitis, and the list goes on. With Counterstrain, the focus is to feed slack to the areas of spasm to allow them to return to a more functional state. 

I finished the month by going down to Portland to take The Jones Institute's class relating to fascia of the nervous system.  Same concept as arterial but with the focus on the adventicia of the nerve known as epineurium. My teacher has a great article on what it’s all about here.http://tuckeypt.com/fascial-counterstrain-for-the-nervous-system/